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Best Ways To Select Property For Rent Or Buy

Take some photos when you go (if you can).  The photos on estate agents posters and online are often taken at certain angles to make the house appear bigger or lighter.  By taking your own photos, you’ll be able to look back at them once you are back at home and remember what it was like.  Also, it gives a better view of how the property appears “in real life” rather than through an edited version…gnore any decor and furnishing you aren’t keen on.  Do not be put off by some hideous paintwork or questionable furnishing choices when you look at a property.  These are very easy to fix once you move in, and you’ll have your own furniture to put in!  Try to visualise the rooms as blank canvasses and remember, the current owner will take their unusual tastes with them!

Hopefully you will go armed with these tips to the next home you view, and see it in a whole new light!