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Bristol – The Mecca Of The South West

Making the most in the upturn in the housing market is something we have to grapple with in a very cyclical way.  Some years the housing markets are very bouyant and stock moves rapidly.  Houses and flats are so often shown as Sold before a For Sale sign even sees it’s way out of the carpenter’s shed. In some areas of the country, this can be a regular thing.  I tmeans that the renting market will be just as bouyant.  When folk want to live in a particular city, nothing is going to put them off, especially if they have jobs there.

Bristol is one such area – apart from a difficult time in the early 1980s when hit by a whole host of copy cat racial tension problems, it is usually a thriving, bustling and very busy business and social centre of the south west.  The properties just fly and property management can be hectic.