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Ensuring Leasehold Information Is Fully Understood

There is such a lot about property in the news at the moment.  We have the scandal of new housing developments being sold with dubious lease hold agreements that will double or treble within 10 years – this is something new to me.  I have bought and sold 6 homes so far and never heard of having to buy ino a leasehold agreement on any of them.  I do wonder however if sometimes the solicitor or other conveyancor has tried pointing out this arbitary issue but the buyer, dead keen to get on the property and mortgage ladder, doesn’t listen or can’t comprehend what is being spelt out to them.  I am pretty sure any property legal team would make a point of bringing something as serious as a leasehold issue to the attention of their client.    Ensuring each client fully understands what they are undertaking is always top of a professional legal eagle’s list of priorities.