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Popular City Living Needs Seriously Active Agent

When a young couple I know were courting, all they dreamed of was having rooms of their own that had no parents hovering over them all the time.  They went to the same university and have been together for nearly 15 years.  After university they got jobs with very good prospects;  one settled into his career as a graphic artist with a huge  advertising agency.  The lass was unsettled and changed tack, to take a law degree and eventually secured a training contract for being a lawyer.  The amount of money spent on rent is eye wateringly huge.  They eventually bought a town house right out in the suburbs –  far enough away to feel like the country.  They decided to up sticks and move to Bristol – wow what a difficult job.  they needed their very proactive and helpful local agent to locate any property for rent or sale.  So popular is that area now that gazumping is back big time!