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The Summer Hols For Student Digs Hopping

So the summer holidays are gradually coming to the point in the middle – the half glass syndrome, are they almost over or still tons of time left?  The newbie student population will be frantically wanting to get their halls of residences sorted early into the hols.  At least, that is what the parents want to happen, so there is no massive rush and mix up when the ‘off’ finally comes.  The older students will be handing back their halls key and moving out to privately rented student digs.  So much activity all to achieve the same end.

The spring holidays used to be the ones where properties would be frantically sought, inspected, decisions made on the spot lest someone else should find this most perfect of all flats.  . . . . .  In populr areas like Bristol and its environs, the busy time is every single day of the year – seriously popular for tenants and buyers alike.