Top Homebuying Considerations

We at Let In Bristol like to think we are experts when it comes to buying homes!  We are estate agents after all!  We want to help you through this tough time by providing the best tips for ensuring your next property purchase is simple and stress free (well, as much as it can be!)

Tip One:  If you are buying with another person, ensure you draw up a list of preferences.  Compromise is going to be a big thing over the next few weeks or months!  We can’t always have everything on the list, so be prepared to give in a few times in order to stay within your budget, and to reduce falling out with your family!


Tip Two: Choose your area wisely.  You might find your dream home – it has the right look, the perfect garden and the right number of bedrooms.  However, you have a toddler in tow, and the nearest school is miles away!  Should you buy the house?  We say think about the location in longer terms.  When your child has gotten to school age, you are going to want a good school nearby.  This is certainly something to consider when purchasing today.


Tip Three: Ignore the decor!  We can’t stress this enough – you see a house you like, but the current owners have painted it or decorated it in a horrible way.  That’s no problem!  Look past the immediate visuals and try to