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Turning Dosser’s Dump Into Mini Paradise

When I watch any daytime tv it is always the lifestyle section I go to first.  My sort of default mode.  I just love seeing the ones where couples or families buy up some delapidated property at an auction and during the course of the show we see snippet of progress and trah lah, at the end of their segment, there is a really amazing, gleaming and stunning property, now worth thousands more than when they scraped together that one off payment.

The posh flats in very popular cities are my favourites – seeing the dirty, scruffy, unkempt places they take on is amazing.  Real dossers’ dumps most of them.  One thing they don’t show is how the landlord finds out about all the legal stuff needed to rent out to tenants.  Especially a house of multip occupancy.  Tenant safety and comfort has to come first, whether the landlord likes it or not.